For Anime Manga Fans, Here Are Some Must-read Manhua


Anime Manga has remained popular in popular culture at least, and most fans are conscious that it emerged in Japan. Although the manga is indisputably another very popular type of Asian animation, Manhua from South Korea and Manhua from China were already gaining international recognition.

The Devastation Of Time

The Ravages of Time is ideal for readers who love military fiction with a dash of history thrown in. The Three Kingdoms is a tale about three very different but prosperous families, and the series is simply an adaptation of that story.

The Sima community, on the other hand, is a little different, and they rule a military power that threatens to throw all off.

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The Legend Of The Sun Knight

It is another excellent place to start since it is a short five-volume series. The main character, the Sun Knight, will deliver a lot of laughs to fans of comedy and fantasy shows.

The reader learns that the warrior is the polar opposite of the knightly man most of the world’s people expect him to be as the tale progresses.

The King’s Avatar

Another series that focuses on the development of social gaming is The King’s Avatar. In the famous game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as the fighting god, but after years of popularity, he has chosen to leave the game.

When a new upgrade is launched, things change rapidly, and Ye Xiu decides to create an entirely new personality in order to experience the world from a different viewpoint.

Doulou Dalu

Doulou Dalu is a hugely successful series that has generated sequels. This follows a master weapon builder as he is reborn in a parallel universe and given the opportunity to live a less traumatic existence.

In this modern paradigm, Tang San is given a soul that enables him to embark on a quest to become the spirit king. The only problem is that his spirit is practically worthless unless he learns how to use it properly.

The One and Only

Cane Lele, a model in the fashion business, is the subject of the television drama The One.  It is persuaded to join the business by her aunt, who tries to convince a woman to try her luck at what her parents once cherished

Cane Lele, who is from the other side, is on her path towards becoming a fashion icon after a tragic close encounter after speaking at a conference, and she even encounters a guy for whom she could fall out of love.

Martial Universe

The sound of Martial Environment seems to be more traditional shonen, with a heavy focus on martial arts. When Lin Dong was granted the ability to farm, he took the step through the landscape.

He encounters a young woman along the way who both fall in love with him. Lin Dong and the young woman would work with each other to make his mark and prevent the invasion of the world.

Lovely Everywhere

Lovely Everywhere is a shoujo manga series that is a great place to start for newcomers to the genre. Tong Danwei, like most adolescent girls, is fascinated with the prospect of having a boyfriend and marrying him.

The only issue is that the poor girl seems to be small for her age, which causes several men to overlook her. This all changes after a chance encounter with a mysterious boy on a seemingly routine shopping trip.


Once Again

Once Again is a manga that tugs at the heartstrings of manga fans. Yuan Ge is the protagonist of the novel, a guy whose been married for a long time and is in an unhappy relationship. When he hears that his wife has died, everything changes.


The 1/2 Prince is a 16-volume fantasy series with an incredible premise. The young girl created a male version in just the same gameplay which was playing recently to show her brother that she was the best gamer.

The young protagonist is introduced to life as a male in an online game, as well as a number of RPG elements. Since it includes a lot of humor, romance, and adventure, the series is ideal for fantasy fans.



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