Beginners Guide to Making Comics – How To Draw Comics


At some point in your life, you may have come across comics, especially in childhood, when there is all the charm with the characters and the stories behind each one. Comics can be characterized as drawings that bring characters to life and create moments of action. The interesting thing is that, in front of all the comics, the person’s imagination starts to go beyond the drawings. How to draw comics? Let us see.

These stories end up creating exciting moments in fun scenes through the use of drawings contained in small pictures. But in addition to this simplistic meaning, it can be said that comics are an expression of art that is represented sequentially. In other words, the story behind that drawing will in fact be completed with the help of another drawing and thus continue to the end.

Reading comics is really a way of referring to childhood, where the desire was to find the most different stories so that I could admire all the sequences of drawings. For people who have the talent and even the willingness to draw, it is interesting to discover the mysteries that may be behind drawing comics to start creating their own and bring to life a sequential art, or in this case, a comic book.

Draw Comics

Starting to draw comics is not as complicated as some people imagine. The process begins with the story itself and only at the end is it possible to elaborate the drawings. Of course, this is not a rule, and there are designers who prefer to develop the drawings while elaborating the whole story – which ends up working, but for beginners, it can be much easier and more interesting to create or build on a story before drawing.

A Step By Step For You To Learn How To Draw Comics

If you are interested in starting to draw comics it is interesting to have the ability to make some strokes to create the drawings of your story, from which you can develop unique elements that can serve as your trademark, as with great artists.

To draw comics in a simple way you should start by creating some comics on a sheet. Draw smaller ones and bigger ones.

Take into account that when drawing comics you need to transfer all possible emotions through the drawings and also the lines that the characters are saying. Start drawing comics with material that is your domain, and if you don’t have a lot of practice try to invest in a pencil.

Draw Comics steps

Give Life To The Characters And, Mainly, To All The Scenes

Keep in mind that drawing comics is much more than creating characters, but developing a story that can entertain the person who is reading. If you are experiencing difficulty, just go to a specific comic and analyze how the story is told using the drawing. Success occurs when the design becomes more realistic.

Keep in mind that practice can make you perfect, so you need to continue to practice. Drawing comics is not so complex and can be done as you see fit. After all, that story is being told by you and the author determines what happens and how it should be told. After learning how to draw comics, be sure of the result – and if it’s not what you wanted, keep drawing.


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