Revolution Of Comics To Animated Cartoons

animated cartoons

The Animated Cartoons are created by drawing each frame. At first, each frame was painted and then filmed, a process that was accelerated by the appearance of animation by cells or acetate paper invented by Bray and Hurd in the 1910s. They used transparent sheets on which they animated their characters in the background. Later, the technique was streamlined by means of computer drawings, since there are programs that assist in the creation of intermediate tables.

Process Of Comics To Animated Cartoons

 Animated Cartoons

From comic books to classic movies, multiple systems have evolved that might be still unknown to the general public! It’s sometimes difficult to navigate because of it’s vocabulary and the sometimes hazy similarities between two words! So let’s get together and do a little culture refresher!

The Comics

I think everyone knows what a comic is. Popularized in Europe by Franquin, Herge, Goscinny, and many other big names in comics, it is a work made up of drawings organized by boxes, which can contain text. So far, no worries. 

The Animated Cartoons

We start the Animated Cartoons. In the beginning, it was clear, there is a live moment so it is no longer comics but cartoons. We go from something static to read to something rhythmic to watch. Except that I will come back to it later, the cartoon has evolved a lot and in some cases, we do not know if it is one or not.

The Manga / The Anime

Finally nothing very complicated. Given the strong cultural differences between Europe and Asia, each continent has its own lexicon. We thus speak of manga for an Asian comic strip, and of animated for an Asian cartoon.

Of course, this involves a lot of cultural changes. For example, a manga can be read from right to left (we start with what is for us at the end of the book). There are also big differences in the style, in the effects, in the subjects treated. Namely that we are talking about animated as well for a cartoon as for an animated film, this will be important for the rest of the article. 

The borders with the cartoon are getting blurry, don’t you think? The cartoon is in fact a cartoon with its own characteristics. First of all, in the graphic style and animation, there must be a significant deformation of the characters (eyes sticking out, four fingers, stretching and twisting of the body…). Then in the scenario, by the exaggeration of emotions and very brutal situations. However, all the characters are resuscitated, humor being the driving force behind the cartoon. 

The Animated Cartoons Strip

Best Animated Cartoons

Certainly what is the least known, or at least what is less talked about. It is simply the fusion between comics and cartoons. It can only work on digital, we post a comic but we animate the boxes so as to make everything more alive. Of course, each box forms a loop of a few seconds of animation (GIF). A box that trembles to imitate movement, drops of water flowing… The choice is quite wide. There may even be sound with the whole thing on video, like in this  Mad Max comic book trailer!

Animation Cinema

The use of real actors to represent characters originally made up of only a few features can sometimes pose some difficulties, the caricatured aspect of the characters’ physique disappearing. One way to overcome these problems was to transpose comics while keeping the shape of the drawing but animating it. In fact, this is the most obvious form you could imagine to adapt a comic.


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