A Detailed Analysis Of Comics History


Comics originated in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the United States. However, some experts indicate that comics have been around since ancient times. These connoisseurs consider certain Egyptian, Roman, and medieval pictorial expressions to be true antecedents of modern comics. Here you read a Detailed Analysis Of Comics History.

comics history

Thanks to the increasing popularity of comics, comic strips are one of the most popular print media today. Not only for children but also for people of other ages. The wide variety of styles and sizes ensures that comics are of interest to everyone. 

What Exactly Are Comics?

A comic consists of a succession of drawings that may or may not be accompanied by supporting texts. A typical American form of a comic strip is the comic, a well-known Japanese version is a manga. Comics are usually printed on paper, although digital comics have also taken off in recent years. The defining characteristics of what makes a comic a comic are:

Sequential story

A comic depicts a story through a series of images, which are usually read from left to right and top to bottom. Often you read the story from the past to the present to the future. Sometimes, however, techniques are used to jump through time.

Combination Of Text And Images

The images can be supported by texts explaining the narration. These texts can be of two types: text rectangles that usually give way to a new scenario or another moment in the story or balloons that express what the characters think or say.

images and text

Common Codes

All comics, regardless of type and target audience, share a set of common codes that can be understood by everyone. For example, just like in films, a voice-over is often used in comics. In most cases, this is placed in a bar above or below the images instead of in the clouds.

Comics History

While there are Comics History experts who are convinced that certain paintings from ancient Egypt are considered the first comics, the first real comic books did not appear until after the printed books were distributed. The invention of lithography at the end of the 18th century was the definitive driving force behind the massive reproduction of the illustrated works.

Not until the late 1800s and early 1900s will newspaper comics appear, particularly in the United States. The comics served to embellish the newspapers, which at that time we’re experiencing a strong turnout.

comics books

The American Great Depression prompted newspaper comic authors to explore new topics such as adventure, crime, and science fiction. From this time on there have been characters such as Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, or Buck Rogers. Superman was born in 1938 and coincided with the popularization of a new format, namely: the comic book.

Comics are more popular than ever. The comic is recognized as a popular art form of interest to readers of all ages. From manga to graphic novels and the superhero comic, comics are for everyone so enjoy reading them.


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