Where To Read Comics Online Free


Great stories continue to be told in the comics, but it is often too complicated to keep up with them. The prices that weigh too much on the pocket or even the impossibility of finding the comic we want disturbs a lot and we need to appeal to digital media for comics online.

Reading comics today, theoretically, should be easier. We have an immensity of possibilities and at the same time, it seems very difficult to find a correct way to follow the characters we love because of exactly this massive amount of information that reaches us through the internet.

reading comics

In times of Netflix and Spotify, the digital consumption of artistic content, be it cinema, music, or even comics, makes us refer directly to virtual availability. That’s why we’re going to bring together some of the best options for reading comics online.

4 Comics Online Sources to Read Free

Kindle Unlimited for Comics Online

kindle Comics Online

Even focused on books, Amazon’s plan includes several comics in its catalog. With a monthly plan of 19.90 per month, it is possible to have access to several exclusive ebooks, marked with the Kindle Unlimited tag, and read wherever you want. You do not need a Kindle device. Only access with the free Kindle reading app for smartphones and tablets, available for Android and iOS. Amazon allows the free trial for 30 days. You can pick up ten ebooks, including comic books, at the same time without worrying about the pay rate.

DC Kids Comics Online

DC Kids

DC Kids has its own children’s comics platform and, better yet, for free! The catalog does not have so many titles and its focus is more childish but still has very funny stories from titles such as Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans in Action, Batman: the Shadow of Sin Tzu, among others. In addition, the site brings several games and videos totally free.

Marvel Comics and Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Comics

In English, Marvel has its own online comic book platform. You can access both through the website and the application and you can access your content on an individual basis, buying a comic or other, taking advantage of those that appear for free, or purchasing a full subscription from a Marvel Insider account. Every Marvel character you are looking for will be in your hands with this platform.

You can also subscribe to Marvel Unlimited, which features a catalog of more than 25,000 comics. You can download up to twelve comic books at the same time, to read offline. The subscription costs $ 9.99 monthly and also works on Android or iOS.

DC Comics

DC Comics

DC would be no different. The publisher also has its own platform but, unlike Marvel, it does not have a monthly subscription, making it possible only the single purchases of its titles. The catalog does not give us information about how many comics you have, but of course, there is no lack of titles for our favorite characters from the publisher, including the Vertigo label. In addition to several free contents, it is possible to access the service through the application for Android and iOS.

Of course, reading comics online doesn’t compare to the feeling of going to the newsstand, having the paper in hand, and smelling the leaves that have your favorite heroes printed on them. But in a world where the internet dominates all types of media, it would be a waste not to take advantage of what it offers.


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