Essential Things To Know About Comic Books 


Comic Books are a medium of communication that has been developing for nearly 200 years, with its own set of codes. A collection of drawings is used to tell the main moments of a plot, a scene, or an action in this language. 

comic books

The comic strip has several functions: it can be both entertaining and didactic, subversive and consensual; it is also targeted at a wide variety of audiences: both mainstream and elitist; and it contains works of different styles: traditional and new, realistic and dreamlike. Comics are a hybrid art form that combines both drawing and writing.

How Do You Make Comic Books?

To create comic books, you must first create a story in your head from beginning to end. The initial definition is critical since it sets the foundations. It’s similar to building a house: you start with the foundations. A screenwriter is commonly used to write this script. However, there are moments when the designer does both: he sketches and writes.

Draw Comic Books: Start By Setting The Foundation For Comic Books.

Take some time to think while you start drawing the first frame and blackening your comic strips. Besides a single drawing, a comic book is a book that tells a story.

As a writer preparing a novel, you should first decide certain elements before beginning your comic, which can be graded as a graphical novel:

The Characters: What are the names of the characters? Consider their physical attributes, attitudes, living conditions, and the bonds that connect them…

comic characters

The Tone: comics come in a range of styles. What would yours be like? Manga with a sense of humor, adventure, fantastical elements, and erotica. This decision would have a huge effect on the future. It will turn up in the bubbles, as well as the sketches.

Theme: What exactly do you want to cover in your comic books? What will the main theme be? What message would you like to portray in your story?

The Plot: it is the common thread that runs through your comic books. Before you begin drawing, you will need to know how the plot will begin and finish, as well as the key stages of the story and some twists and turns.

The Comic Strip Format: do you want to begin with a simple comic strip with a few boxes, or do you want to build many boards to have full control over the production of your comic? Now is the time to make a decision.

As a result, you’ll need to draw your storyboard, or scenario, with the thumbnails included.

Note that each thumbnail should depict a different scene from the story.

If you have a clear picture of your comic’s frame, you can fix the required adjustments and begin drawing your panels/boards in 2D or 3D (learn how to draw in 3D!).

comic magazines

These steps are vital because it helps you to decide the configuration of your frames on the board as well as ask yourself the necessary questions. Always bear in mind whether or not the frames are both useful and well-presented.

Finally, when making a comic book, it’s important to stick to the basics and emphasize a few main elements:

  • Executives,
  • Bubbles, and
  • Reading path

Though, All of this is insufficient: you must first ask yourself a set of questions before beginning to draw the fundamentals of comic book art (a face, a sketch, an outline, etc.).


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