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Anime Blog

Anime is a term used in Japan to describe any animation produced in that country. Anime isn’t just for kids anymore. It would be a terrific idea to start an anime-themed blog.

Fans of all ages flock to watch it, from toddlers to grandparents. Maybe you’ve been a fan since you were a child. Since it has such an impact on you on so many levels, it is not something you grow out of on your own.

Anime, on the other hand, is a catch-all phrase for all Japanese animation. Detail, style, and storytelling distinguish it from other cartoons.

 Anime Blog

It could be anything as simple as a new hobby or as complex as a platform for building a community around shared interests. A list of the best anime blogs currently available on the internet.

Anime Laboratory:

On this blog, you’ll find information on Japanese anime, including information about the artists, as well as information about the notable people who appear in the anime. They have a slew of information on anime and why it is so popular in Japan and around the world.

Because of the prominent link to their Facebook page, which is devoted only to cosplay, this blog appeals to those who are interested in that issue.

Honey Anime 

As a chapter review website, Honey’s Anime had also grown to include a huge community of people interested in all things anime. There’s a lot of emphasis on providing a comprehensive selection of the top series and films across all art forms, from shounen to shoujo.

 Anime Blog

This article’s formal mascots are a lot of fun! Honey-chan, a kimono-clad model for the website, is accompanied by Bee-Kun, a shapeshifter. 

In: Anime, Game, And Comic News

If you want to know everything there is to know about Japanese animation, check out the Anime News Network blog. Artistic information, strategies for generating anime are just a few of the many topics covered by the articles on this site.

Getting it Wrong All the Time:

Reviewing anime is available on the blog, along with extended essays criticizing well-known Japanese anime series. The blog is dedicated to Japanese animation and cartoons. As a result, he has the potential to have an impact on Japanese anime in the future.

Bobduh, the person behind this website, is the sole author. Many of his posts and critiques have a sarcastic tone to them. Although the name of his site is a bit tongue-in-cheek, you have to acknowledge that it aids in growing their audience and degree of involvement.

He’s one of the anime industry’s most reputable critics, the kind that the industry’s creators are dread. However, he appears to be sincere in his approach, as evidenced by the size of his fan base.

He looks at successful programs and films, as well as those that he believes need a second wind. This is the “Tokyo Otaku Mode.”Tokyo Otaku Mode is an anime and manga-focused blog. Because Tokyo is Japanese, he has a unique perspective on the story.


Loves to ponder the art and technology that went into creating anime. If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, you should check out this website. You’ll hear from well-known anime producers and artists, and you’ll also find out about the latest developments in the Japanese art of cartoon production. See what makes people watch this unusual style of art if you’re curious about your own motivations.

Science In Anime: The Basics

The greatest of science and Japanese anime come together in Anime Science. Anime fans who also need a little help staying motivated in school to master science. Chemistry, biology, physics, as well as astronomy and space, are all covered in depth in the blog.

Using Japanese animation as a lens, this blog examines scientific concepts and makes connections between them. As well as combining scientific principles, this blog’s goal is to teach basic scientific concepts. I’m a huge anime fan.

It’s called Anime Zeal, and it’s here to keep you up to date on all things anime-related, such as gaming, character development, and cosplay! To stay on top of anime news, you’ll want to check out our articles on how it’s been incorporated into many sectors and genres including video games, costume play, and role-playing.

This is a stunning website that will have you thinking about anime as an art form. You can read game reviews while you’re here on the blog, too. Beautiful wallpapers are available for download on the website as well. This is an excellent blog that anyone may use as a reference. I’ll give you a random number. This blog, which covers a wide range of Japanese animation, is run by random.

People visit his blog to see what new anime cartoons have been released and to make predictions about which ones will be major hits in the future. Many of his tales include the introduction to the universe of new characters and cartoons that he has created.

In addition to regular feature series sections, the blog also includes sections for popular series and a wide range of other topics. He employs a team of writers who work tirelessly to ensure that anime lovers always have access to the most up-to-date content.


Blog on anime and manga, but only for kids:

This website is dedicated to the presentation of serious dramatic stories using the medium of Japanese anime. His blog covers a wide range of topics and has a sentimental edge to it as well. This is a one-of-a-kind blog since it focuses on important issues and uses anime to do so. For the most part, these examples demonstrate how you may develop rich plots while still distributing them in Japan as anime.

I’m Anima, by the way. It is the mission of Animeja to be the finest platform for anime fans to connect with others who share their interest in anime and exchange thoughts.

This makes the site more user-friendly and reader-centered, allowing blog visitors to find out more about the topics they’re interested in learning about, such as anime.

Life in the World of Anime and Manga:

Keep up with the newest anime news, reviews, and advice on how to find the best shows by reading this site. Many people all across the world like anime, despite the fact that it is largely a Japanese cultural asset. Cartoons made with this particular style of art are popular among them. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst anime, video games, and more.


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