The Best Batman Comics To Familiarise Yourself With Your Hero

best batman comics

Lifehacker has compiled a list of Dark Knight stories for both newcomers and fans of the cult hero. One of the most well-known comic book characters is Batman. The storey of millionaire Bruce Wayne, whose parents were shot by a robber in an alley near the movie theatre, is well-known. Bruce grew up to fight crime with all of his intelligence, power, and resources while donning a bat costume to intimidate the bad guys. In this article, you see about the best batman comics to familiarise yourself with your hero.

Batman: Year One

One of the best Batman comics and an excellent introduction to the hero’s backstory. It was created by the well-known Frank Miller, the creator of “Sin City,” “300,” and a slew of other well-known comic books.

batman comics

Bruce Wayne, a young orphan millionaire, returns to his hometown of Gotham in the novel. Faced with a thriving crime scene on the streets, he decides to protect the city as a night avenger. Simultaneously, the first steps of Commissioner Jim Gordon are seen – he is moved to Gotham and is attempting to combat government corruption. Gordon may also be considered the main character of this comic. And Miller’s main purpose is to depict the bleakness of living in a crime-ridden Gotham.

Killing Joke

Alan Moore, the genius comic book artist, has created a masterpiece. A brief but atmospheric tale about how Batman can be just as obsessed as the criminals he pursues.

The battle between the hero and his mortal foe, the Joker, takes centre stage. And it’s the popular clown who’s trying to show the best Batman comics that all it takes is one bad day to transform someone into a psychopath. To do this, he kidnaps Commissioner Jim Gordon & shoots his daughter Barbara in the back.

The comic is also significant because it tells the storey of the Joker’s origin, despite the fact that he is unsure of his own memories.

The Man Who Laughs

The actions of this comic actually occur before the plot of “The Murderous Joke” and immediately follow “Year One” in chronological order. However, since the tale of the Joker’s origin is revisited here, it’s best to read them in order.

The arrival of a new maniac in town prompts Batman to investigate. He broadcasts the names of his victims – the wealthy of Gotham – in advance on television. Despite their best efforts, none of them can be rescued, and they all die with frozen smiles on their faces. When Batman attempts to apprehend the suspect, he discovers that the case is linked to a man who was once trapped in a warehouse by chemical reagents.

“The Long Halloween” And “Dark Victory”

Jeff Loeb, the acclaimed author, has written two detective stories (now he runs Marvel TV ). These are two different stories, but they’re best read in order because they’re both drawn by the same artist, Tim Sale, and they basically follow each other.

The first storyline is a little more perplexing. And it is here that Batman always has to defend his title as the best detective rather than the best warrior. A crazed killer emerges in the area, killing only on holidays and picking victims from big mafia clans. Indeed, it’s almost difficult to figure out who the murderer is until the very end.

The maniac in “Dark Victory” murders the cops and leaves clues at the crime scene in the form of a child’s game called “gallows.” The plot is a little simpler this time, but fans of The Long Halloween will enjoy this follow-up.

best batman comics

Death In The Family

One of the older comics that now has a rustic look to it. However, he is absolutely important in order to comprehend the character’s complexity. Furthermore, many people believe that the old comics are completely light and cheerful.

To begin, keep in mind that the best Batman comics had a number of associates who went by the name Robin. Dick Grayson, whose storey starts in The Long Halloween, is the first. Later, he relocated to a different city and adopted the moniker Nightwing; there is a separate series of comics dedicated to him, and a television series is currently in production. Following that, Batman recruited a new assistant in the form of Jason Todd, a homeless orphan. He was dubbed the “Second Robin” because he was the second. However, since the readers disliked this character, the writers made a truly heinous decision. Joker imprisoned Jason in a warehouse and murdered him with a crowbar during the Death in the Family storey arc.


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