The Best-Selling Batman Comic Books Of All Time


This discovery proposal is generally chronological, as are the stories in purple, which are read in the order below, especially for the first four. All the Batman Comic below are published by Urban Comics and available in bookstores or on the Internet (except a few encyclopedias and “beautiful books”)


(two revisits of the beginnings of the Dark Knight)

Batman Comic: Year One Batman’sBatman Comic

first steps intersect with those of James Gordon, in a thriller atmosphere. A cult work, an essential one-shot published in 1987 and which founded the mythology which will serve as the basis for all the media that will follow.

  • screenplay: Frank Miller | drawing: David Mazzucchelli
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Still the origins, but in a more modern city, with the beginnings of the Joker and the Sphinx as enemies, and of course Gordon as an ally. The two volumes can be read completely before the first three volumes of the series.


(in the continuity of Year One and by the duo Loeb / Sale)

 Comics Batman 04 A Long Halloween Comics Batman 05 Amere Victoire

A Long Halloween Batman Comic

A Long Halloween

A long investigation into a killer acting during the holidays. Batman rubs shoulders with his “crazy” enemies (the Joker, the Sphinx …) but also mafia criminals (Maroni, Falcone …). Acting alone at the time, the Dark Knight founded his reputation as a detective in this tale with an atypical visual atmosphere.

Bitter Victory

Bitter Victory

A direct sequel to A Long Halloween, this story sees a certain Robin appear alongside the Dark Knight. Another series definitively closes the saga of the author duo: Catwoman in Rome (to be discovered in Des Ombres Dans la Nuit ), taking place during Amère Victoire.

Shadows In The Night

Shadows In The Night

Less unavoidable (by far) than the other two parts, the book contains three Halloween stories not connected to each other, more or less serving as an introduction or from Volume 0 to Un Long Halloween. Catwoman spin-off set during Amère Victoire covers the second part of the volume.


Comics Batman 07 Robin Year One Batman Comics 08 Batgirl Year One batman-lenigma-of-red-hood-270×410

Robin: Year One


First-year of the young prodigy in two complementary stories. Despite a rather cartoony graphic style, the mood remains dark and the rivalry between Robin and Double-Face will continue to haunt Dick for a long time.

Batgirl: Year One


The same duo of authors as for Robin, it is the pretty redhead Barbara Gordon who is entitled, this time, to her first feats of arms. Lighter but just as good, these “Year One” are essential to know the beginning of these two allies of Batman.

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The Dead and the Living (included in Un Mourning in the Family).

Dead and the Living

The work offers in the second part the beginnings of Timothy Drake, the third Robin of the name. The young detective will find Batman’s true identity and want to join his ranks. The latter, still bereaved by the death of Jason Todd (to read just before in the same book in Un Mourning in the Family ), categorically refuses to hire a new ally.


Comics Batman 06 Killing Joke Batman Mourning in the Family Comics Batman 11 Knightfall Comics Batman 12 No Man’s Land

Killing Joke

Killing Joke

All the madness of the Joker (and his origins) exposed in a short story showing his inescapable duality with Batman. The Gordon family will not emerge unscathed from this cult, dark story that has become essential upon its release.

Un Mourning in the Family (followed by The Dead and the Living).

Un Mourning

The death of Jason Todd, second Robin, by the Joker. While the narrative is central to the Batman timeline, the Middle East political approach and the designs do a disservice to the whole. We will rather retain the second part, devoted to Timothy Drake.

No Man’s Land (and Cataclysm) Batman Comic

No Man's Land

Introduced with Cataclysm (single volume), this other great saga (six volumes), offers a Gotham City cut off from everything. Thrilling from start to finish with two excellent final volumes. We also note the first steps on paper of Harley Quinn.


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