Top 5 Melodramatic Manga Novels


What exactly is Melodramatic Manga? Melodramatic Manga is a comic book and graphic novel genre popular in Japan. It has accentuated facial characteristics and bright colors, similar to anime.

As an instance, While on the bus, Ashley browsed via the covers of her new comic.

Roommates argue about the qualities of different manga series till the early morning.

Bar Zingaro, a restaurant that mixes Norwegian imports — vintage Scandinavian interiors, Fuglen tea — with Takashi Murakami’s vivid paintings, is buried among the comic boutiques and costumes businesses in a maze subculture retail mall.

Only Grownups Can Grasp Manga

  1. “Gekiga: A Photographic Portrait of Life”

Gekiga is a Japanese word that means “images of life.”

Yoshihiro Tatsumi always desired to paint since he was a kid, and this comic depicts his artistic journey. For grownups, the painter created to make the form richer, more culturally meaningful, and more engaging. He didn’t object to scenes of brutality and brutality since he intended to convey the misery and grief of Japan’s interwar era. Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s artistry elevated the comic to a new level of seriousness, attracting not only youngsters but also adults.


  1. “A Long Way Away”

Close and far

The central protagonist goes to his mother’s burial as a result of a spontaneous urge. He remembers his school days, his boyhood, and the decisions he had to make. Unexpectedly, he travels back in time and reincarnates as a fourteen-year-old adolescent with mature recollections. What would he do knowing that he has a clear picture of his long-term? Melodramatic Manga.

  1. “Travel Observations Trip To The Mall On A Yokohama”

Observations from a Shopping Trip in Yokohama

This isn’t a comic about purchasing. This manga sets in a world where the streets coated in gravel and the landmass is gradually slipping into the sea. We witness humanity’s ultimate demise, but with melancholy comes a sense of grandeur and the fleeting pleasures of the situation.

  1. “Children’s Of The Sea” 

Sea-born Children

What are the similarities between the water, the heavens, and the guy? Study the Daughters of the Sea novel to figure out the solution. Ruka encounters her twin boys, Sora (“Sky”), and Umi (“Sea”) who devote all of their days to the ocean. They study the nature of consciousness, life, and humanity as a group. It’s a thoughtful and surprisingly deep essay that offers its own solutions to the big existential problems without preaching to the audience.


  1. “Hikaru And Go” 

Hikaru, a little boy, discovers antique goban boards in his granddad’s basement. The soul of the best go expert of the Victorian period is disclosed about him as long as he meets the goban. The manga is incredibly thorough regarding Go in Japanese, but the tale is much more than that – it’s about the past, the psychology of successes and failures, friendships, and the perseverance required to achieve genuine excellence.


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