Top 10 Classroom Animation Shows For Your Kids


Stop-motion animation has been around for many years. Previously reserved for film professionals, it is now accessible to everyone. Much easy-to-use software has emerged, allowing even the youngest to experience frame-by-frame and get an idea of ​​what is going on behind the scenes in the world of cinema. And with a USB camera, it’s easy, images can be taken instantly and edited on the fly. So children can see the results of their efforts in no time in classroom animation.

This is a list of various types of productions, precisely to adapt to that topic and that specific group.

Top 10  Classroom Animation Shows

Ticolicos, in “What is your question?”

Ludi, the main character, guides the whole plot, whose purpose is to answer a child’s question. Ludi then does a series of interviews with several children to instill curiosity on the subject and then interviews an Expert in the field to solve the mystery.

ABC and you classroom animation

The series, original PlayKids, presents several vocabulary concepts. The first season focuses on the letters of the alphabet. Each episode is assigned to a specific letter, and the plot is by the association of the letter worked with the initial letter of the words. All episodes have songs made for the age group of beginning literacy and vocabulary consistent with the age repertoire. The second season, on the other hand, focuses on vocabulary concepts, such as differentiation of personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, verbs, and specific phonetics.

Luna’s show classroom animation 

Through beautiful songs and colorful animation stories, the show presents basic science concepts and answers pertinent questions and doubts from the little ones. The concepts range from the earth and the atmosphere, the fermentation process to how the plane flies.

Great Little Ones

Through a song lyric accompanied by a light and delicious melody, the series works on socio-emotional issues in a very assertive way. The episodes talk about different emotions, acceptance, differences, and preservation of resources. Teachers can reinforce important points of interpersonal relationships by watching and reflecting on videos.

Mundo Bita, in “Bita and the games”

Ideal to expand the universe of games, with “Bita e os plays“, the teacher will find a fun way to present the game of the day. There is no shortage of options, there are ideal games for indoor environments, such as playdough, and also games and outdoor games, on the playground, on a bicycle, and so on.

Little Hat of All Colors

Based on the book “Chapeuzinho Amarelo” by Chico Buarque and Ziraldo, the series oozes Brazilianness and sounds typical of our culture. Each episode deals with an issue to be addressed, such as fears and anxieties. The series shows how such fears are recurrent, and teaches ways to look at the central issue of the episode from other angles, and find the self-confidence necessary to overcome the challenges.

Fairy Tales with Sosô Uribe Classroom Animation

Aiming at teaching the English language, Sosô, using a very interactive book, with pop-ups and drawings, narrates classic fairy tales from Children’s Literature in a magical and didactic way. All tales are easy to follow, and vocabulary acquisition is clear. It is ideal to practice the listening skill of the little ones and still present the classic literature. It is up to the teacher to choose, according to the class, the amount of input planned for the class.

I love to learn

The original PlayKids series is extremely educational! There are several episodes to deal with different topics, such as holidays, routine, visits to the doctor, and family issues. It is worth the teacher to know some episodes of the series for specific classes.


In each episode, you accompany Mouk to a different place in the world. The cool thing is that the series brings the geography, the fauna, the flora, the sounds, and the typical culture of the place. It is ideal to create a context to talk a little about history, geography. And also respect for different ethnicities and cultures. In addition to arousing curiosity about the world. The characters are very friendly and, therefore, create easy harmony with the children and the narratives bring dialogues and interactions conducive to the acquisition of vocabulary.

Scientist SuperHands

With a different format, SuperHands shows human hands that interact with real objects. The narrative focuses on Science, presenting materials with a unique tone of creativity. The episodes are captivating and invite children to follow the step-by-step instructions to create their own experiments. Here the child becomes the protagonist and the episode acts as a mediator. This interaction brings significant learning and instigates the child’s curiosity about the world of scientific discoveries.


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