The 10 Most Expensive Anime Figures of All-Time, Ranked 

Anime Figures

By and large, around 19 billion USD yearly. A critical bit of this produced by the universe of doll authorities. To many, figure gathering can be dynamic and far off, a confounding domain brimming with difficult to reach content. To most energetic Anime figures fans, nonetheless, the opportunity to possess a figure of their number one person is maybe the nearest they will at any point get to be a piece of the universes and stories they love—a possibility too great to even consider missing. 

Monkey D Luffy $200,000 

At the point when the film One Piece Gold was delivered, Tokuriki Honten acquainted the world with the most costly anime figure at any point made. It’s anything but precisely the best show-stopper, yet it is made of strong gold, which is quite flawless. 

Anime Figures

Gundam Converge $200,000 

Not to be outperformed by Monkey D Luffy in his brilliant magnificence, Tanaka Kikinzoku adornments entered the game creating a minuscule and charming Gundam Converge made of strong gold. The figure was made to praise the Art of Gundam presentation, which occurred in Tokyo 

It’s equivalent in cost to different passages on this rundown, yet it’s by a wide margin the best figure as far as style and plan. Despite the fact that barely multiple inches tall, its small and consolidated plan makes it look exorbitantly adorable for a battling robot. It’s an ideal opportunity to quit softening gold into bars and rather normalize the act of making it into scaled-down anime mechs. 

RX-78-2 Gundam $200,000 

Not to be mistaken for the gold plated RX-78-2 Gundam unit, this awful kid is strong gold. It comes from similar creators of the Gundam Converge, yet it holds the first shape and plan of the conventional Gundam robot. It’s 125mm in stature—around five inches—and is unadulterated anime bling. 

Mo-Mo Belia Deviluke $27,000 

Max Factory are individuals liable for bringing the world a daily existence size Momo Belia Deviluke in marriage unmentionables. For the moderately little amount of $27,000, fans can take one of the ten Momo figures home. Ideally, the proprietors of such a figure will approach it with deference and honour. 

The figure looks extraordinary, and, unimaginably, the producers have figured out how to catch the person with outrageous exactness. Given the silly measure of work that should be put resources into these things, it’s nothing unexpected that lone ten were at any point made. 

Lala Satalin Deviluke $27,000 

Actually like her sister Momo, Lala got the life-sized treatment a couple of years prior. To get one of a set number often similar to the case with Momo, cheerful fans initially enter a lottery for the opportunity to get her. With or without the buying subtleties, the actual figure is remarkable and would most likely keep any otaku warm and glad during the long winter evenings. She may get somewhat crisp however as she wears a straightforward and tiny swimsuit. 

Astro Boy $25,000 

This Vintage and life-size Astro Boy figure are magnificent as far as both quality and cost. With just one in presence, the figure portrays a to some degree destroyed Astro Boy. The LED lights in his eyes are actually capacity and it’s anything but a piece of activity history. 

Mumei $24,000

Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress is one of the coolest anime series ever, thus, it just bodes well that it likewise has probably the coolest figure at any point made as to the person Mumei. Standing tall at more than five feet, Mumei is likewise a significant uncommon creation with just ten in presence. 

Cyan and Crow $23,000 

Two of the stars of the anime Show By Rock purchased and gotten back for a cool $23,000. Is it true that they are great? Presumably not, yet it’s difficult to contend with the quality workmanship put into the plan of these figures. 

Another arrangement of life-size figures, Cyan and Crow both look great and are without a doubt the fantasy figures of numerous Otakus the world over. Most fans start their anime fixation at a youthful age. On the off chance that they can save $1,000 per year, those fantasies made genuine with 23 years of persistence and reasonable monetary administration. 

Anime Figures

Megumi Kato $19,000 

One of the principal cast of characters from the Anime, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. Megumi Kato additionally quite possibly the most costly figure at any point created. Megumi manoeuvred into our reality as an uncommon and life-sized figure. With just ten at any point created and the remaining five feet tall. Megumi assumes an extraordinary position in the realm of Anime figures. 

Gigantor $13,000 

Albeit not the most costly anime figures on the rundown. This tin toy of Gigantor from Tetsujin 28 is probably the best masterpiece. Incompletely because of advanced age alongside mileage. It’s anything but a genuine feeling of character that some more current figures are absent. 


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