The All-Time Greatest Anime Villains


From Monster to Naruto, anime has provided us with some fantastic anime villains as well as some mediocre ones. We’ll take a look at who’s on either end of the spectrum.

They serve as the ideal counterpoint to our most admired protagonists, and their thoughts and actions rarely threaten the same principles and goals that we hold dear.

A superb villain is adored by all. By establishing challenges and conflicts within these universes, they contribute to driving the narratives of some of our best stories. While this may have been the goal when these characters were created, it does not guarantee that they will be successful.

Heroes are admirable, but when it comes to excellent anime, a famous villain nearly always elevates them to new heights.

Anime Villains

1. Suzuki, Touichirou

Since middle school, this formidable Esper has excelled in all he has attempted, owing to his natural magical abilities. As the cliché says, “power corrupts,” whereas “absolute power corrupts totally.” Touichirou Suzuki in Mob Psycho II was perfectly described by the remark “Great guys were nearly invariably nasty men…”.

He recruits, manipulates, and kidnaps Espers over the following 20 years to assemble an army to achieve his goal of world dominance at any cost. The character also has a lot of depth, as the show includes a lot of backstory about his family, which comes back around for a great payoff at the end. Suzuki is the show’s first true challenge, and his battle with Mob is one that we’re not convinced the lovable young protagonist can win.

2. The Jiggle Butt Gang is lame (Fairy Tale)

Few become fan favorites among anime fans, and some even become Anime Villains, such as the jiggle butt gang.

These Jiggle Butt Secret Art users can alter their butts in a triangular configuration and release a big cloud of gas with deadly repercussions, among other things.

In the anime genre, there have been a plethora of wicked groups for decades. There are further versions of the technique that use flaming gas bubbles and farting in the face of the victim. If their name wasn’t bad enough, the fact that they were regarded as a threat could make things even worse.

Anime Villains

3.Gendo Akari is fantastic (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

He’s just interested in how he can use his son to accomplish his own goals, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

He has no qualms about putting his estranged adolescent son in the pilot’s seat of a massive mechanical killing machine and pushing him to combat a transdimensional demon right from the start.

As a spectator, you’re already predisposed to dislike him before he even appears on screen, and he makes no attempt to change your mind. There have been some truly awful fathers in the history of television and film, but few can compare to Gendo Akari’s abomination.

4. Rachel is a student at the University of (Tower of God)

The best antagonists in anime are usually the ones you don’t see coming, which is doubly true when they’re the protagonist’s friend, the reason for living, and potential love interest. The strange part is that she initially denies being the girl he is seeking for. That’s why Rachel is so wonderfully horrible at the end of season one of Tower of God.

All of this, only for Rachel, who feigned to be disabled in order to trap Bam into a vulnerable position, to shove him to his alleged death just as they were about to succeed. When Bam finds she is Rachael, he not only forgives her, but he also puts his life on the line to ensure she is permitted to ascend The Tower as well.

We are made to believe that Bam will be able to discover the person who saved him during the entire season of Tower of God because that is all he has ever wanted. He doesn’t take long to figure this out, since he discovers Rachel only a few episodes in.

Anime Villains

5. Crocodile

He has style, intelligence, and when he wants to be, he can be rather threatening.

Crocodiles are one of my favorite One Piece villains.

During the Marineford storyline, he saves Luffy and Ace from certain death. Crocodile, unlike many of the other villains on this list. Earns points because he isn’t the worst person on the globe.

6. Great: ruthless (Cowboy Bebop)

Vicious is the embodiment of the human desire for power and destruction.

Cowboy Bebop is widely recognized as the “gateway” anime for lovers of the genre.

From memorable statements to brilliantly described evil schemes to downright insane fighting abilities. Vicious is among the top echelon of anime villains.

He only wants to be the leader of the Red Dragon Syndicate. He’ll kill anyone and do everything to get it. He’s the polar opposite of Spike’s soft, gentle personality, with his frigid, sadistic, and psychopathic traits.

7.Liebert, Johan (Monster)

Johan is unassuming in nearly every way, and practically everyone he meets ignores or forgets him.

Monster is the kind of show that lulls viewers into complacency before dropping the hammer. So it’s no wonder that Johan Liebert, the show’s villain, does the same.

Sure, some people might remember seeing him here and there, but he can blend in and disappear whenever he wants.
Anime Villains

8. Selemene, the Moon Goddess (Dota: Dragon’s Blood) is lame.

Nobody loves a bully, especially one who is weak and narcissistic, delegating. The heavy lifting to others and demanding constant worship for doing nothing.

Selemene manipulates and seduces her victims. She exclusively attacks those who are unable to defend themselves, such as youngsters and children. It using rigorous religious beliefs. Selemene doesn’t have much more than that going for her.

Fans can’t help but wonder what Luna was like before Selemene seduced her and distorted her mind, and fans can’t help but wonder what she was like before Selemene seduced her and warped her mind. When it comes to being a successful evil person, her favorite minion, Luna, Anime Villains is the polar opposite.


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