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Everyone well knows about what is comic. It is popularized in Europe by Franquin, Herge, Goscinny, and many other big names in online comics, it is a work made up of drawings organized by boxes, which can contain text. 

Purpose Of Free Online Comic

Online comics

As they prepare to live a particularly difficult year financially, comic book publishers are playing the game of containment by offering free readings. Many albums are available online, in their entirety, at the initiative of publishing houses, whether independent or owned by large groups. 

Sometimes accompanied by promotions on paid-for titles, these specific operations do not exclude any kind of 9 th art graphic novels, youth, manga, comics .

Magnificent Curiosity

Youth Online Comic are obviously not left out. Delcourt and its subsidiary Soleil offer around twenty titles, including the first volume of the blockbuster Les Légendaires (2004), by Patrick Sobral, but also the highly recommended Grand Méchant Renard (2015), by designer and director Benjamin Renner.

Those who have never had the opportunity to devour Space Sardine, a poetic-burlesque sci-fi series by Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar, must return to the Dargaud site to access volume 1, Platinum laser (2007).

Graphic Animation?

The most important offer is that of Izneo, the main platform for digital online comics, whose shareholders are Fnac and around ten publishers. The first month of his unlimited subscription – or 9.99 euros per month – is thus offered free of charge during confinement. More than 6,000 titles can be found in free access. 

There is nothing new, however, with the most recent albums available dating from at least six months ago. Readers who want to stop there after confinement should remember to disengage. At the end of this trial period. Directly on their site, several publishing houses had, at the same time, the good idea of rediscovering heritage works or works that have become rare because they are out of print.

In the first category, it is impossible not to mention L’An 01, by Gébé, released by L’Association in 2000. Initially published between 1971 and 1974 in Politique hebdo, then Charlie Mensuel and Charlie Hebdo. This political essay imagines a utopian world where the market economy would be brought to a standstill. In favor of new solidarities and reinvented living together.

Several Nuggets On Online Comic

Appearing on the front page, one of the “resolutions”. This nascent society is not without echoing the current period of confinement. Only the products and productions whose exclusion. Will prove unsustainable will be resumed – with reluctance – following a complete shutdown of Water to drink. Power to read by in the evening, and a radio to listen to are all necessities.

best online comics

“It wasn’t the rest of the earth it is the year 01. And now a page of Celestial Mechanics,” Gebe writes there.

In a completely different genre, Dargaud offers to re-read a great classic of  La Marque Jaune (1956), by Edgar-Pierre Jacobs, the third adventure in the Blake & Mortimer series. Casterman, for his part, opted for four short stories (20 pages) by Corto Maltese. Including the following two, available until the end of the week. In the name of Allah the merciful, taken from the Ethiopians (1978), and La Conga des bananes. Taken from Always Further (1979). The Lombard, meanwhile, emerges from its drawers one of the best western comics ever published. Comanche, by Hermann and Greg, with the first volume of the series, Red Dust. (1972).


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