Top 5 Anime Short


Why are anime short worth your attention? Firstly, a small timing will not take much time. Secondly, the author’s statement is sometimes not inferior to a full meter or a series in terms of semantic load. And, thirdly, the quality of the image, as a rule, is higher, because the director has more time to work out the visual content in detail of anime short.

Top 5 Anime Short

  1. Into The Forest Where Fireflies Twinkle

Lost in the forest, six-year-old Hotaru meets a masked boy who helps the girl to get out of the enchanted forest. But he is not a simple guy, but a forest spirit that can disappear forever due to the touch of a person. But Hotaru is not at all embarrassed by this, grateful for the salvation. She does not forget the kindness of the young spirit – the next day she comes with gifts, then again to play, and again until the summer is over. So summer after summer, and no longer just friendship, and children’s games connect the heroes.

A beautiful story of “love through time”, platonic love, where one touch can destroy the fragile world of lovers.

  1. Garden Of Graceful Words

Tanako is a fifteen-year-old schoolboy who is passionate about shoe design and is confidently moving towards the fulfillment of his dream of becoming a shoemaker. His daily life is loaded with studies, work, household chores, and only in the garden, alone, always in rainy weather. He manages to create sketches of his future works, for which he is not ashamed to be out of school. But one day, on one of these rainy days, under the roof of the gazebo, Tanako notices a woman a little older than him. She skips work, sips beer in the morning with a bite of chocolate, tries to deal with her internal problems. The exact opposite of the “firmly stepping” Tanako. But, despite the obvious dissimilarity, with each rainy day, the heroes are getting closer. And even if they do not even know each other’s name, their connection is special. Here and now they turned out to be necessary for each other.

“Graceful” here are not only words, but all the components of the film – the story of the characters, the music, the image. The director allows the viewer to enjoy each shot through a leisurely visual storytelling. Thus, turning the viewing into a kind of contemplative process.

  1. The Voice Of A Distant Star

The year is 2046. Against the background of space wars with the Tarsians (inhabitants of Mars, or rather the Tarsis plateau). The story of two lovers “separated by space and Earth” unfolds. After high school, Naboru continues his studies, and Mikako is among the chosen ones. Who will go on an expedition to hunt down the Tarsians. But space is secondary here, the director talks about love and loneliness. Which has become central in the work of Makoto Shinkai.

  1. Sankoroll

The Sankoroll universe is the world of modern Japan, in which, in addition to people, there are “cloud-like” monsters. They are both living and robotic beings, voluntarily surrendering themselves under the control of their chosen person. Despite the fact that they have their own brethren as food. They give people a lot of problems, therefore they are forced to hide, although it is not always possible to cohabit unnoticed. In the center of the plot are three schoolchildren. One of whom intends to subjugate the largest and so far uncontrolled monster. And feed those who stand in his way to his “cloud”.

  1. Harmony

Anime Short

The inner world of a person is a riddle that you want to solve, especially if this person is not indifferent to you. This is what Hangzhou Akia, who is in love with his classmate Juri Makin, is trying to do, because the guy is sure that this is the only way he can get closer to her. Interestingly, the director chooses music as a guide to the girl’s mysterious world, which, as you know, is an instrument for expressing the state of mind.

The anime short films listed here with such different plots explore various forms of human interaction – with oneself, with another and with something else, unearthly. Everyone will find something interesting and even useful in these films. 


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