Top 5 Full-length Chinese Anime


Starting a conversation about Chinese anime, it should be noted that the very concept of “anime” is assigned to Japanese animation products, and has a certain set of visual and content characteristics. But, having immense popularity among viewers, his style migrated to animated films of other national schools, including the Chinese one.

The main difference between Chinese anime and Japanese anime is the cultural layer on the basis of which animation works are constructed. Below is the top Chinese full-length anime.

Top 5 Full-length Chinese Anime

  1. The Legend of Hay

The main character is a small black demon cat living in a dense forest, beyond which he never got out. His measured course of life is violated by dark forces, destroying the house, and, thereby, forcing him to go in search of a new one. During his wanderings, the hero gets to know not only the representatives of his world – the world inhabited by spirits, but also the human one, and also learns himself, his magical abilities, goes the path of spiritual maturation.

The interesting story is accompanied by the corresponding audiovisual content, which draws the viewer into the space of the film with his head.

  1. On the other side of the ocean

Another anime in the fantasy genre. The world of spirits is represented here by the anthropomorphic beings “Others” living “on the other side of the ocean”. Their responsibilities include managing currents, changing seasons, natural phenomena, as well as human souls. Having reached the age of sixteen, the human spirits undergo a rite of passage – it is necessary to travel for seven days along the inhabited coastline, without catching the eye of people. The heroine Chun did well until she was caught in the fishing nets on the last day.

The detailed elaboration pleases the eye of the beholder, and the turns of history take you deeper into the picture. The film will definitely be of interest to all fans of Miyazaki’s work.

  1. The crystal sky of yesterday

The story unfolds among high school students. Xiaoi is a simple guy, not burdened with studies, with a preference for video games and comics. But having received the position of headman together with a beautiful classmate Zhetian. The hero begins to change in order to win the girl’s heart.

  1. Avatar of the King: For the Glory

A dynamic story about a non-dynamic sport, namely esports. The main character is so keen on online games that virtual life replaces the real one. He trains his avatar king for days, because as a king. He is responsible for the lives of his subjects and the state, and not only for the characters in the game. But also for real gamers on the other side of the screen. Forced because of his passion to leave the house. The hero meets the same enthusiastic gamers, together with whom he continues the path to fame.

  1. Tastes of youthChinese Anime

Although the film is a joint work of Japan and China, it still has a place to be on this list.

As a kind of anthology, the picture is divided into three independent parts. The main characters are young people from different cities in China. A student from Beijing, tired of the metropolis, constantly recalls the taste of noodles from his childhood with his grandmother in the village. A Guangzhou model forced to earn money to support herself and her little sister – all that remains of her family. An architect from Shanghai who discovered a love letter from the past. Each of them goes back in time to feel the taste of youth for inspiration in the present.


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