All-Time Best-Selling Comic Book Series


This is a standout amongst other selling comic book series time. In excess of 210 million deals have occurred since it previously showed up in 1941. The principal issue, distributed before the US entered World War II, highlights Captain America on the cover punching Hitler in the jaw. Of course, this release sold in excess of 1,000,000 duplicates. 

Amazing X-Men 

For quite a long time, this comic book has been a fan top choice. Numerous perusers can feel compassion for the abused longshot characters like Gambit. The inventive group that is answerable for this book in their prime for various years. Storylines watch out for the last around six issues, which implies there are a lot of chances for new perusers to commit. 

New Avengers 

comic book series

Brian Michael Bendis relaunched this title and the Avengers group changed for eternity. Various fan most loved characters were acquired including Spider-Man and Wolverine. Notable craftsmen Francis Leinil Yu (New Avengers) and Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers) have likewise been acquired to assist with taking the Avengers higher than ever of ubiquity. 

Equity League of America 

This is a DC lead title that has been endowed to top author Brad Meltzer. It is an organization that is so far functioned admirably and with specialists, Ed Benes and Sandra Hope to add to the group it appears as though this title will before long partake in a resurgence in its notoriety. Deals are as of now going through the rooftop and don’t appear to hinder any time soon. 

Astounding Spider-Man 

The Spider-Man character has acquired a passionate profundity to his person, on account of J Michael Strazynski. This writer has had the option to bring his develop composing style to bear in the treatment of the Civil War storyline and shown how the legend has battled with his befuddling feelings in regards to a, particularly enormous issue. The fine art by Ron Garney adds to the experience. In excess of 530,000 duplicates have been sold. One unique version of the comic book included two distinct covers. It was named the “Obama Issue”. One cover included Peter Parker and two of his woman companions. While the other release had the 44th President of the United States on the cover. 


Batman is another of DC’s top characters and various top makers have played a part in its continuing series of books. They incorporate Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb, Frank Miller and some more. Award Morrison and Andy Kubert have likewise been instrumental in illuminating Batman’s reality with shocking outcomes and miscreants like the Joker. 

Activity Comics 

Perhaps the most famous character in this book is the exemplary superhuman, Superman. A top pick of fans overall he is one of the universe’s most renowned superheroes. The craftsmanship of Adam Kubert is superb and the narrating and pacing are marvelous. The Comic Book Series exceptionally mainstream, however, an always expanding crowd wowed by the many movies that made. Also, for the future, their various scalawags set to return. 


This is a top person in the Marvel universe and there are not very many daring enough to clash. Various extraordinary makers have had an impact on his ascent to notoriety and the comic books keep on selling well overall. The current group, Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi look set to help Wolverine’s prevalence increment considerably further in Comic Book Series. 

comic book series

The Incredible Hulk 

Craftsmen Aaron Lopresti and Carlo Pagulayan, along with author Greg Pack are catapulting this person and the comic that is verging on equaling the Marvel blockbuster Civil War. Mass returned to his underlying foundations by Pack and given a world he can annihilate. The notoriety of this person expanding consistently, which from multiple points of view put down to the staggering fine art. 

The Ultimates 

Imprint Millar is the name behind this comic book that is renowned for stretching the limits and highlighting gigantic storylines and brutality, quite a bit of which reflects our cutting-edge world. He is extremely innovative in his composition. Furnishing perusers with many exciting bends in the road that leave them needing more. The work of art given by Bryan Hitch and extremely itemized. Some way or another he can catch the feelings of various characters during colossal fights, all simultaneously. There’s one staying point with this specific Comic Book Series and that is the distributing plan. That has seen various versions late in appearance.


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