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highest grossing

Over the years, industry highest grossing statisticians have only kept track of how many issues of Superman there have been. Orders for Captain America newsstands have been placed, leaving historians with only hard sales numbers going back to 1997.

And that’s without comparing the single-issue distribution method used in the United States to, say, the doorstop-like weekly anthologies published in Japan.  Many caveats must be included when basing everything on verified data.

Many caveats must be included when basing everything on verified data. So that’s what we did.

highest grossing


You can learn a lot from this site’s post about how difficult it is to name the “best-selling comics ever.” You can learn a lot from this site’s post about how difficult it is to name the “best-selling comics ever.” Diamond Comics distributors owe us a debt of gratitude as well.

The company’s monopolistic control of the US comic book shipments market, as well as its ongoing reporting on comic book pre-order sales, merits special mention. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best-selling single-issue comic books in the United States, based on the most recent data available in highest grossing.

The X-Men (Series 1):

Then there’s X-Men #1, the mother of them all. The best-selling comic book of all time according to available sales data. It the eight times as many issues as its closest competitor. Since the early ’90s, nothing in American comics has come close to the early ’90s.

There are numerous reasons for this. In this case, however, the most important one is the Speculator Boom. Thanks to the popularity of films like Batman and books like The Dark Knight Returns, comic book collecting has become more mainstream.

News organizations began covering comics from the most enticing angle possible: how much you could get for your old comics if you decided to sell them. But this isn’t limited to the first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. The year was 2000 when it was released. This is also in reference to Free Comic Book Day 2002 when the book was made available again for free.

On-time for the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in the United States.

Thriller Comics:

The two newest comics on our list come in at the very bottom. In honor of the 80th anniversary of the first superhero, here’s a look at the second-oldest continuously published superhero comic still on sale today.

Action Comics and Superman are two well-known characters. 11 different covers were produced by DC Comics for the 80-page tome.

And that’s to be expected with a book of this stature. Aside from the fact that it marked an important turning point in comics history. With its ability to attract such a diverse group of creators, DC was able to fill its anthology to capacity.

Comic Books With Detective Content:

After a year, Batman received a surprise gift for his own 80th birthday. The first four-digit issue of the oldest still-running comic series was published by Detective Comics. Verse two is the same as verse one highest grossing:

It was an 80-page behemoth that featured a who’s who of Batman creators and illustrators.

Nevertheless, it didn’t have the clout of the first DC Comics work in years by a long-time Marvel Comics writer. Perhaps there will be a costume change as an added bonus.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Have you figured out why Mark Waid’s otherwise unremarkable issue has become so noteworthy? How did The Amazing Spider-Man by Barry Kitson make the cut?

As a hint, it was published on January 15th, 2009 if that helps.

However, I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now. The issue’s presidential tie-in story and variant cover were the main attractions.

highest grossing

Third World War:

Secret Wars in 2015 was a sequel to one of the earliest and most well-known Marvel Comics crossovers ever, Secret Wars in 1984.

A cosmic entity known as the Beyonder was unleashed and it zapped a slew of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. Villains to an alien world and compelled them to engage in a death match there.

To keep the “Everyone is here!” theme going, Thanos destroyed the Marvel multiverse in 2015.

Battleworld was created from the shattered pieces of all the Marvel parallel Earths, and things progressed from there.

Awe-Inspiring Spide!

It was a happy turning point for Spider-Man to be published right in the middle of writer Dan Slott’s now-legendary Spider-Man run in Amazing Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus freaky-Friday into Peter Parker’s body a few years earlier, and Peter Parker lost control of himself.

Peter was found dead inside Otto Octavius’ infirm body, according to reports. Moreover, Otto’s final wish was fulfilled highest grossing when he decided to give up being a villain and take on crime as the Superior Spider-Man.

Ign’s Ultimate Spider-Man Fcbd Edition Is Available Now

Ultimate Spider-Man is something of an odd one out.  It’s not an anthology or a big anniversary issue.


It came with just four different cover designs. In retrospect, Ultimate Spider-Man marks the start of a series that would ultimately lead to Marvel Comics is undergoing enormous transformations.

Starting with Brian Michael Bendis’s meteoric rise to fame. Secondly, by laying the groundwork for Miles Morales to become Spider-Man in the future.

Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure

Because I was there, I know for a fact that Batman: The 10-cent Adventure was a success because it attracted readers with a nostalgically low price.

Because it was the comic that got me interested in collecting comics in the first place. And I had to know what happened next right away. Bruce Wayne: The Ten-Cent Adventure began with the 10-cent Adventure.

Murderer? as well as Batman’s Superman: The Fugitive, one of the best Batman comics ever, ended on a cliffhanger that left us breathless.

Three Out Of A Highest Grossing Kind

The 10-cent Adventure and Amazing Spider-Man #1 combine in Fantastic Four. This isn’t the first in a series of issues that will be released. The beginning of a great era was, however, heralded by this event.

With writer Mark Waid taking over for a three-year run that would become well-known. There was a promotional edition of the magazine that sold for just nine cents, but it’s not an anthology.

Six months after DC’s penny-pricier publicity stunt. In other words, this is the world’s cheapest comic magazine, as evidenced by the issue’s declaration to that effect. I am a huge fan of STAR WARS. Your eyes probably widened if you’ve been following sales figures closely.

highest grossing

In 2015, the state of Star Wars can serve as a useful guide. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the release of Star Wars: A New Hope of highest grossing. The Force Awakens slammed into a fanbase that had been left high and dry following the demise of much of the original canon.

The Star Wars saga suddenly had a lot of holes to fill. Marvel Comics was on hand to take care of the void. With the Star Wars comics that we recently reclaimed in our possession

After Lucasfilm’s contract with Dark Horse Comics expired, it obtained a license from Disney, the company’s parent.


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