The Five Best: Which Animated Film Should You Begin With?

Animated Film

Almost everyone has heard of Japanese animated film, but it appears that the genre has just as many lovers as it has detractors. Sure, certain productions leave a lot to be desired, but they aren’t all lumped together. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 in the hopes of persuading you to learn more about the subject. What about you? Which anime film do you prefer?

1.Kimi No Na Wa 

With a fantastic narrative and superb animated film, this is a beautiful and heartwarming picture about love. It relates the story of two sets of L and threads tied Niezwy KLA inexplicable bond that causes them to spontaneously transform into bodies and roam between awareness and sleep, attempting to understand and, most importantly, remember their own visions.

Animated Film

The writer and director are Makoto Shinkai. The show first aired in 2016. The picture is pleasing to both the eye and the ear – uncommon treats, especially from bed own people – and brilliantly captures the mood of Tokyo as well as the tranquil, rural areas. Furthermore, the animation is complemented by ambient, well-composed music. On the film web and Shinden, the film is ranked first among the best anime films. WITH THE WINNER OF THE JAPANESE FILM ACADEMY’S AUDIENCE AWARD. The Los Angeles and San Francisco Film Critics Association awarded it Best Animated Film.

2. H Aura’s Walkable Castle

At a look, my favourite production, and another fantastic Ghibli job. The film from 2004 is full of enchantment and abstraction. The title Hauru – a wizard with his peculiar, bright smile, a gasping doggie trotting on short legs next to our heroine, a strange scarecrow, a terrible witch with her masked servants in a too-tight litter – everything is charming here. The only exception to this fairy-tale setting is the ongoing conflict in the backdrop of the action.

Sophie is the primary character, and she is cursed with the ability to live for numerous decades. Resigned, she sets out for the mountains, where she meets a specific scarecrow and discovers the title castle, where she decides to work as a housekeeper. I recommend this film to everyone; it’s a fantastic way to begin your anime journey.

3. Spirited Away 

The second, but not the final, Ghibli production on the list. Sen is Chihiro no Kamikakushi, which translates to “the mysterious disappearance of Sen and Chihiro,” is a film in which Ghibli studio completely allowed its enthusiastic imagination to run wild.

Because the film contains many more and less concealed messages, one might discourse about the symbolism of events and characters for hours. Furthermore, despite the passage of time, the film’s substantial value remains unchanged, despite the fact that it was first released in 2001. Aside from the theme, the anime is captivating due to its graphic style, which is full of very innovative aspects. Chihiro is the central character, who finds himself in the country of the gods by chance. It may sound lofty, yet it is a realm brimming with inventive, sometimes amusing, and occasionally scary animals. The anime film is currently accessible on Netflix and ranks second in the film web rating in the anime film genre.

4. Totoro 

The Ghibli studio’s cult animation. Thousands of people fell in love with this fairy-tale story. During the hour-and-a-half show, we follow the adventures of the girls as they relocate to a country house in a calm, picturesque area with their father. Soon, the girls come across a variety of supernatural creatures that are generally unseen by adults. Including Totoro, the enigmatic and fluffy forest ranger.

Animated Film

5. Wolf Children

The description may not sound promising at first. A student who has an affair with a werewolf and has children with him. I can guarantee you, though, that this is a position worth taking a chance on.

Mamoru Hosoda directed the film, which aired in 2012. It generated a sensation among anime lovers because such projects are rarely seen on the big screen. Mamoru did not let us down. It’s a lovely and upbeat production, but it’s also incredibly emotional and heartbreaking at moments, and it’ll easily make you cry. It mostly focuses on the family, the difficulties of raising children, and motherly care and affection.


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